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Stories about spankings for peeing

They resumed their talk. It was only a ten peejng walk, and she had not even needed Webcam distributors go when they left the bar, but within two minutes of setting off she'd been desperate and after another six or seven minutes, heart-breakingly close to home, her resistance gave out and, almost dying abotu embarrassment and humiliation, she'd stood in the street weeing in her knickers. Back when I was in college I took a year off to work in a remote cannery town. It HAD to be. These ranged from spankings to paddlings. My legs finally gave out, and I fell to my knees, my hands shooting forward to protect my most sensitive parts from the torment. He pointed his finger at me. Max Dior 37 Stories about spankings for peeing. Finally he spotted it. Bridget, unmoved by my plight, removed a clamp from the top Allure amateur genell the hose and began to apply gentle Storiies to the plastic bag between her fingers.

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Rory himself never got paddled but he heard about other students that did, and the memory of it strangely excites him. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I pretended not to see Stories about spankings for peeing and kept on peeing. I loved this story too. Not enough to run down my legs, but enough to wet my panties. It felt sooo good to stand there and pee myself. She had got home to find Jeff and Hannah chatting happily in the TV room and, unusually, watching a rom-com even though there Lindsey masturbating football on the other channel. As I drove home, I languished in my wet pants and was still having after shocks that made Storied cum just driving and having the tight thong rubbing my cunt. Of course, Dale knew that was deliberately designed like that to enable the carers to smack their legs if they needed to. I noticed he rubbed the paddle with his finger as he placed the paddle Syories his desk. In the spring of I made some extra money for college by driving for a car service called Lioness Limousine. Gigi had to pee, badly.

You can blame it all on me I was wrong And my buns are roasting from you!

  • This is a recent December collection of six short stories by author Rollin Hand.
  • I love to hold my pee until I am desperate and then to pee in public places.
  • All the boys mostly cousins would just haul out their dicks and piss.
  • Also referred to as pee play or golden showers, these stories feature erotic play involving urination.
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  • Spanking stories involve characters who like to spank or be spanked.

Paisy and Natalie join Erin in the punishment for their earlier pee orgy. When my landlady handed us two buckets - one empty and one filled with soapy water - together with a number of rags, I thought we might get off lightly.

Bridget stood in the doorway and rapped her fingernails impatiently against the frame, watching us without blinking. My knees hurt quite badly by the time we were finished, and without the arousal, crawling naked over the floor in front of my landlady had rekindled the self-conscious feeling that was becoming all too familiar.

Bridget lifted an eyebrow and looked us up and down with a frown. The wait felt a bit awkward, and Natalie seemed to be just as nervous as me. Then my landlady was back, an assortment of rubber hoses and other things in her hand that I could make neither heads nor tails of. She stopped right in front of us and sent us another scathing look. Dirty little girls with no sense of self-control, pissing all over the floor!

Natalie quickly followed my example and stood next to me, the shower becoming quite cramped. Seconds later, Bridget was also there and turned up the water. The ice-cold stream cascading over us made us both squeal, but thankfully it heated up quickly.

It was actually nice to feel the water run down my body and wash away the sticky remnants of our earlier play. It was also lovely to stand shoulder to shoulder to the sweet, kinky neighbor girl.

Until my landlady stopped the water, took up a thin rubber hose with some kind of plastic bag attached and crouched down in front of me. At first I was reminded of my enema, but the hose was missing the big nozzle and the bag was too small.

The rubber hose, now that she held it closer, had a slightly rounded tip and glistened with moisture. Still, it was as thick as my pinky finger, and the thought that she would push that thing into my tiny peehole terrified me.

She pushed the tip against my hole, and my thighs began to shake. I nodded. She smiled in response. It is, after all, supposed to be a punishment. Still, I stared at the spot between my legs where it vanished into me, unable to believe what I let my landlady do here, and how deep she was putting the hose into me.

Suddenly the burning turned into a white-hot pain deep inside my tummy that almost made my knees buckle. It felt as if I was peeing, and I shrieked. But a moment later it settled back into a dull burning. Bridget, unmoved by my plight, removed a clamp from the top of the hose and began to apply gentle pressure to the plastic bag between her fingers. Strange feelings started deep inside my bowels, and then I registered an ever-increasing pressure on my bladder.

My eyes widened and I gasped. The pressure quickly mounted, the urge to pee from earlier returned. It rose and rose, until I felt my bladder would burst and short stabs of pain made my tummy ripple and my hips jerk. The clamp was re-applied, the bag removed, and I whimpered, my eyes moist. It looked obscene, the dark rubber hose jutting from between my pink folds and running all the way to the bottom of the shower, where my landlady had deposited the empty bag.

Bridget had stood up again and captured her chin with her slightly pudgy fingers. Then Bridget started the procedure with her, and I watched he - as good as I could between my own whimpers and cramps - receive the same treatment. And found that I could understand her earlier comment. There was something so inherently naughty in seeing a rubber hose shoved up her peehole and watch the mounting discomfort in her face that it made my tingle between the legs.

The cramps in my abdomen were getting worse, though, and the arousal could only dampen them so much. My hope was in vain. She turned up the water again and picked up a large vegetable brush with sturdy looking bristles and a bar of soap. The brush was vicious. She washed me from neck to toe, running it up and down my body in long, hard strokes that left fiery lines everywhere they touched.

She even ran it between my bum cheeks and over the sensitive skin of my pucker, making it burn. When I was told to turn around again, I was a mess and trembling all over. The cramps in my tummy were getting worse with every minute, and only the water dripping from my wet hair prevented my tears from being seen.

At first she did my arms and legs, and I could see the skin immediately redden under the harsh treatment. The burning feeling was multiplied there, and they swelled up and turned deeply red. But the worst thing was when she brushed my pussy, long and hard. My legs finally gave out, and I fell to my knees, my hands shooting forward to protect my most sensitive parts from the torment.

But the damage was already done, my pussy lips looking raw and red, and my clit felt like it had been speared by needles. Still, when my landlady was finally finished and turned off the water, we were both sobbing like crazy and pressing our hands against our sexes.

Natalie was told to kneel down also. I sighed when I saw her grasp the hose dangling from between my legs with one hand and felt a slight tugging. There was no chance to stop my bladder from expelling the liquid, and it sprayed to the shower floor in strong bursts under the watchful eyes of my landlady. It was almost like - I wanted to cry, because after all that torment, my arousal was exploding again, and while the last trickles hit the porcelain, I was close to orgasming again.

She opened the barn door and ushered us inside. Once there, we both gasped. Her backside was a deep shade of crimson and small welts covered the insides of her thighs. We were staring directly at her bum, and from her awkward position, she was unable to look at us.

The first thing she did was to rub her bum, only to pull her hands away with a short yelp. Skilled fingers wrapped ropes around her ankles and tied them to the horse. The position made her bum stick up deliciously, her plum prominently visible from behind. It looked delicious.

A few seconds later her arms were tied to the bottom of the horse as well. When it was my turn to bend over the wooden frame, I noticed that it was quite a bit taller than the ones I had seen at home. This way, with my legs spread apart and tied to the sawhorse, my arms just barely reached the floor. Erin was just as adept as her landlady in tying someone to the horse. I pulled a bit on the bonds, but the only thing that did was to bite into my skin, so I quickly gave up my struggle.

Then I looked up and saw Bridget, two vicious looking canes in her hand, and reality sunk in. The corners of her mouth quirked upwards. Twenty on the bum and ten on each thigh. That should make you reasonably apologetic. Or do you have any objections? Natalie was apparently running along the same train of thoughts. She waited a few seconds for one of us to protest, then I heard her steps behind us. There was a short, whispered conversation between her and Erin, followed by a swishing noise and a loud smack.

I had no time to prepare myself for the pain, but even if I had, the raw, burning sting at the top of my bum was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I shrieked. I was shortly echoed by Natalie. Another swishing sounded, and the next smack fell just an inch below the first one, and just as painful.

I buckled in my bonds and shrieked again. My roommate and Bridget quickly fell into a matching rhythm, their blows timed roughly ten seconds apart, so Natalie and I both formed a perverse little choir of wails. Each stroke seemed to hurt a little more the farther down my bum it fell. I started to sob, both from the pain and from the helplessness at being unable to protect myself.

But even though I wanted nothing more than to escape this painful punishment, my pussy started to heat up again. This time there was panic in my voice. The next blow would inevitably have crossed over my exposed pussy.

My reprieve was short. Another smack sounded next to me, and a second later I could hear Natalie wail in agony. When the first blow fell on my left thigh, I immediately understood why. The pain was at least twice as cruel as the smacks on my bum had been, and all air was forced out of my lungs. For a moment I thought a knife had cut through my skin.

Then there was a moment of heat, followed by a twisting, throbbing pain. A little further up, and I shook and trembled and wailed again. My pussy clenched hard. Again and again, with every blow the heat there grew, until I was nothing more than a sobbing, horny mess.

When the cane hit the soft flesh right between my thighs and my sex, I think I wailed for almost a minute. And I nearly came. Then the procedure started on my other leg and I lost all feeling for time.

One Saturday after my treatment I was still hard, I really needed to cum. I know if I had told a doctor how I felt, what I had done, and mostly what I had planned, he would have had me committed. A lot of the girls were getting hair on their pussys now, and for some reason, they stopped peeing in front of the others. Thirty-seven-year-old Angela was awake as usual at seven-thirty and was looking forward to her day shopping and meeting her friends at the restaurant at the mall. You need a Premium Account to access that feature! I had to bend over and touch my ankles.

Stories about spankings for peeing

Stories about spankings for peeing. Be A Good Girl for Papa

Do I make myself clear? He turned on the iPod. The first song began playing and he began steadily paddling her bottom to the rhythm of the song. The first song was only about halfway through and she was already having an extremely hard time -- he noticed, but didn't say a word and certainly didn't lighten up any.

By the end of the first song he was pretty sure that she wasn't going to make it through this first set of three songs without moving. She was already sobbing and rubbing her feet together like she did every time that she felt the urge to kick. Please, my ass is on fire!

It looks like I have no choice but to finish out these three songs and then spank you through another three. Young lady, if you move any more, I will add another three songs to that. As he said that he had paused the song. Christy returned to her position, upset with herself for not being obedient.

Yes, it did hurt, but it was supposed to hurt and if she had just behaved earlier in the day they wouldn't be here. Somehow, she managed to make it through the rest of her punishment without moving.

When the last song ended, Brad delivered one more solid stroke to her bottom. They were once again on their way back to his place. Brad looked over as Christy tried to find a comfortable position. He smiled. She still loved him even if he had just beaten her bottom so soundly that she couldn't find any comfortable sitting position.

She was just happy not to have that wall between them anymore. You've really got some good turns of scene here, Erin.

Really love your stories. Looking forward to more. We were all paddled at school together,and we'd all have to wait until they called all our parents,then we'd be called back,one after the other.. I remember we,d all listen quietly,once the sec. We have two teen daughters who are a year apart at 14 and We use both spanking and humiliation punishment on them and it is very effective. The punishments are done on the weekend and last all weekend long.

The one who has to be punished Has to lean over dads lap on saturday morning and is given 5 hard whacks with his belt on her bare butt. After the spanking,a cloth diaper is pinned on,then babyprint rubberpants[plastic pants]is put on over the diaper,followed by a tee shirt with baby written on the front,then a bonnet is put on and a pacifier is hung around the neck.

The offender then has to sit on the living room floor and act like a baby the rest of the day. However, sometimes I act up a little when I am needing some attention, and I am needing some attention right now You would miss his attentions too if you knew him. He stands tall at 6'2, with a handsome face, and the sexiest voice you have ever heard. And his inside shines even brighter than his outside. They were long-standing neighbours.

Tony was fifty-four-years-old and Angela lived next door and was now thirty-two-years-old. It had started as flirting between the two of them, except it was Angela doing the flirting. When Tony visited some years earlier and they played cards it was Angela Emma had known Lucy for a while. It was autumn and so both wore dresses with hems down to their They have a staff of four maids, but Sir Edward insists that he interviews and chooses these girls.

Two of his maids are young and unquestionably pretty but the other two have grown heavyset and are getting on. With no compunction, Sir Edward sacks the older girls Today I was punished in front of others. I know this isn't unusual but when it happens to you it seems like you're the first one ever. It was the most humiliating thing I ever had happen to me. A gathering was going on at our house. I did have a few drinks and was looking cute. I was supposed to look cute.

But Miss thought I was acting not cute but "Slutty". She told me and everyone My name is Steve and I work for a Major Transportation company that provides food service to major fast-food restaurant chains. I am on a strict schedule every night and it's a race against daylight, the hours of service regulations as set forth by DOT, the weather and other things.

I drive and deliver two routes a week, every week, and usually have the same stores. Occasionally, the Ivana arrived as usual and on time to clean Mrs. K opened the door with her normal smile but saw that Ivana was looking rather more cross than usual. When Ivana walked into the hallway, and Mrs. K had closed the door, she turned and asked, "Is everything okay, Ivana? K was wearing a floral sleeveless dress with a hem a few inches above her knees. I don't know how to begin so I'll just begin.

This essay is part of my punishment so I'm sure this will count against me. Before I was writing this I was kneeling in the corner rubbing my bottom after a spanking. It was for a minor naughtiness I was given a lecture which was humiliating enough to bring me close to tears. Expecting a painful but bearable ten minutes or so over the lap I This is bad , Chelsea thought. This is really bad. David hated it when she was late. And she was very late. And it was their anniversary. They had met exactly one year ago.

Chelsea's mouth quirked into something between a smile and a grimace as she remembered how it Pauline Manson smiled as she wiped the cups and plates, which she took from her dishwasher, with a tea towel. The seventy-year-old retired School Mistress tried to keep herself busy in order to help the time pass a little quicker before Zofeya and her boyfriend arrived. She hummed to herself as she placed her things back in the cupboard.

Pauline Manson was looking forward to spanking Emma Kemp was eighteen-years-old and at sixth form college, but hated it, and so sent a message to the college saying she was ill. However, far from being ill, she went to the seaside and intended spending the day on the beach. Miss June Johnson was the fifty-three-year-old headmistress at the sixth form college. She also wanted to get away from the college for a few days and spend some time Miss McKenzie had spanked Mike and Jo naked for missing gym lessons.

Now it was happening again After writing my last story I was encouraged to write a sequel. However, the punishment turned out well because a class mate of mine, Jo, was also stripped and she was punished at the same time. After our punishment, Jo Pauline Manson sat and smiled at her old friend who was sitting on the sofa across from her.

The retired School Mistress could not quite believe what her friend, and colleague, Alice Conway, had just asked of her and took a few moments to think about how she would reply to her offer.

They arrived across the street and she is relieved that none of the neighbors are outside to see her naked.

Naughty Donna - Fetish -

You can blame it all on me I was wrong And my buns are roasting from you! Words just seem to fit this story. This story what I consider to be one of my sexier creations. He was nineteen and mowed lawns for a living, had his own service. A wealthy couple who happened to be rather generous offered to let him allow his younger brother [that would be me! He did an impressive job for them and they decided to reward him a little by offering the pool to his brother and to him, too.

Not only did he mow lawns but he studied pools, too, and took care of the whole place. They were away in the north for the Summer, this being Florida. So Tony told me the good news. I invited my best friend Tommy to swim with me. This was our first time there and it was quite an impressive pool, good-sized and even had a diving board, rare to see these days with sue-happy lawyers and citizens. Had a slide near the diving board on the deep end.

Just one rule, Tony told us both. This older couple is really nice but they also have some peculiarities. I felt myself arch my eyebrows. How would anybody know? He eyed me harshly. I had been known to be a bit of a troublemaker in our family, always questioning authority. From time to time, Dad spanked me, and Tony too when he was younger. Had never been spanked by Tony but he often eyed me, like he wanted to. Always shot me dirty looks.

Never mind, little brother. Just if you have to pee, there is a bathroom over there. He pointed to the little room on the shallow end. He gave me this look of parental challenge, added, Now you two, get changed and have a good time.

I will be mowing the lawn and after I shower, I will come join you. He pointed to an outdoor shower in the corner over near the bathroom. Once you have your suits on, go over and shower first.

I felt really rebellious. Tony glared at me. Jason, do it, and do it now! No backtalk! He pointed at me, his eye glare working overtime. Wow, his words caused my little peter to grow a bit in my shorts. I looked at Tommy, he grinned a bit. Suddenly Tony decided to oversee our showers. Never mind about going to change.

You do it right here in front of me. I want to see you both in your suits and I want to see your shower. Go ahead, do it. With his hands on his hips, watching us, we looked at each other. Tony and I had seen each other naked before, no big deal. There being six years between us and having no other siblings, we had our own rooms but in Florida lots of public swimming pools and springs all over! We always changed in front of each other, and at the Y, too. So under his constant stare, Tommy and I stripped naked there in the pool area.

The pool was built off a garage and it was way in back of the house. Nobody around to see us. And soon we stood there naked as the day we were born, our peckers both a little hard, I noticed. Tommy was my best friend from school, my age. We got our suits on as Tony watched, then headed over to the shower.

Ya satisfied? He looked cross. He pointed his finger at me. You better be good, little brother. Ah, my year-old penis just leapt in my suit. A pretty tight suit, too, barely room for my junk.

At once, I ran and dove into the shallow end of the pool. I came to the surface after almost scraping my chest in the process. I swam all around, looked up to see Tony looking at me sternly again. Jason, you are not to dive into shallow water, either! I lifted my middle finger to him. He arched his eyebrows in amazement. Oh, boy, you are gonna get it today!

And with that, he turned his back to us and left to go mow the lawn. Tommy just stood there, wearing his nerdy looking suit which went almost to his knees. Cold at first! He came in, stepping down the steps in the shallow end. He swam up to me. Wow, Jason, you are something! Never has, never will. I reached and grabbed him in the water, accidentally touching his penis in the process.

He smirked a bit, reached and felt mine back. Yeah, and you are, too. We cuddled a bit in the water, actually, our arms around each other as we tread water in the deep end.

Just some harmless boy-on-boy play. We just held each other for a while. You ever jack off? I asked him.

Well, I have. I hear you cum more when you get older so not a lot comes out. But I like it. We broke up our embrace and swam around. We dove off the diving board over and over, tried doing flips and occasionally ending on our backs or doing belly flops which was always painful.

And feeling some back pain or stomach pain made me want my brother to spank me all the more. So cool to feel some butt pain, too. That would be so neat!

We also slid down the slide and feeling the the smoothness underneath my butt made me yearn for some butt action from Tony as well. But it seemed my big brother forgot about something! He showed up at the pool, all done with the lawn, grass and stuff all over his body. You guys need to get out so I can take you home and go do the other lawn. I whined.

I just loved to antagonize my brother, had been doing it for years now! He crossed his arms. Tommy and I started swimming to the ladder on the deep end, across from the slide now behind us. Tommy got out first, then I did. He looked at me. I smiled. I been waiting. Watch this.

Stories about spankings for peeing

Stories about spankings for peeing