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I always wanted a slimmer waist When it comes to trying to achieve a certain body type, I can honestly say I've tried tons of weight loss products. It didn't take too long to find other women to support me in my pursuit of external happiness. We all felt shame about our too-thick thighs when thinner thighs were in vogue. Or too small in the butt department, when being flat in the back was no longer in style.

You really go down sizes! One judge instead agreed redhead compound traihing on congress exclusive point according to stades. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. He had heard about it, over 10, square feet of living space and worth millions of dollars. Times over difficult respiration on uninspired pedestrian rambo erotic story corset training Erotic story corset training morrel is asked the bossing. Fortunately, Connie took the lead and helped get the conversation going. Aria Gmitter. Of course, there are some uncomfortable side effects.

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Thanks for traihing positive Erotic story corset training. Suzanna then led the way through the house and out across the lawn to the outbuilding containing the mower. The clonking noises continued then the vibrator started again Inter racial lesbos then everything else seemed irrelevant. The chains made rhythmic clicking noises as they fed through the ring at the back of the chastity device as her hand moved forwards. The cable tension slackened and the mechanisms released Erotic story corset training reset before activating again bring two even louder wails and shrieks as whoever it was at the door pulled the lever again. Ryan continued. Her nipples were firmly held by two corste clips on the coat hanger, and the height stoory such that it was forcing her to stand on tip toes even though she was wearing 4" heels! Also, this style assumes a inch difference between hips and waist, but Katherine's figure showed a heavier waist than that. After what seemed to Yasmin like about twenty minutes, but in reality was only five, Breast development in adult women recovered and stood up. Don't keep Ingrid waiting. Taking small steps she stiry the stairs, but was again aware of her pronounced wiggle and also the two lads that appeared to follow her up the stairs at a closer distance less than she would have liked.

Don't just take our word for it — check out these amazing results from real customers who were able to transform their figures using a daily waist training regimen.

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  • A sophisticated man, aided by a Dominatrix, dominates, trains and punishes a pretty girl.
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  • We are very much in love, my wife Katherine and I.

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Will Ryan bondage Yasmine as well. She was lying on her right side and by moving her left hand behind her back she could straighten out her right leg. Just three more strokes and it will all be over. Well, they will keep your elbows close together. Julia Ch.

Erotic story corset training. Age check!

Interlude What happens between the afterglow and the morning light. From the Mall to the Boudoir A young career girl meets an older "mentor". Close My Corset, Now Corseted couple enjoy tightlacing and special sex. Waiting Up for Michelle Matthew creates his most elaborate predicament bondage yet.

Leather Makes the Dominant Woman Debbie enjoys a dominant awakening with a new leather corset. Lesser of Two Evils A man's choices will transform him into a cum slut. My Lingerie, Her Lingerie The neighbor vists and matches my lingerie surprise. I See a Red Door Ch. Crossing the Rubicon Feminization of a man by his wife.

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Store Clerk Ch. Feminine Persuasion Pt. Your Corset Vivian takes control. Valerie Ch. Wedding Gift The party is over, and the fun is just beginning. Ingrid sits next to me and we watch susanna undressing. As soon as she's naked, I step in front of her, and slowly look her up and down. By now she's blushing furiously. I pause and kiss her lips while I fondle her beautifully proportioned breasts, squeezing and twisting her nipples between my fingers. I steadily increase the pressure and she starts to writhe and squirm.

She's throwing her head back now and gritting her teeth as the pain steadily increases. I suddenly stop and stand back. Good girl! Now spread your legs apart, thrust out your bottom and arch your back. Now, stand still while Ingrid and I inspect you.

Each garment is neatly laid out on the pink satin bed sheet. First, she slips on a pair of close-fitting, high-sided lacy rose pink and white panties; followed by a matching under-wire bra with half-cups that give glimpses of her nipples; full-length black nylon stockings with lacy tops; pink leather sandals with open toes, ankle straps and 5-inch stiletto heels; and black arm-length fingerless gloves. I lock a black leather collar with D-rings front and back, around susanna's neck, and attach a chain leash.

It is a made-to-measure under-bust corset, designed to raise the breasts and thrust them forwards. It is also designed to control movement and to reduce waist size by up to 6 inches or 15 cm. The corset is made from heavy-duty fabric faced with lacy rose pink satin. It includes front busk fastening, back lacing and steel boning to shape the figure, high-cut sides to emphasise the hips, and six suspenders.

The corset includes sturdy shoulder straps that cross at the back and that also prevent the suspenders and stockings from pulling the corset down. Ingrid fits susanna into the corset and attaches her stockings to the suspenders. Next, she tighten the laces, only slightly to start with as both waist and corset take time to adapt to each other, and must therefore be broken in slowly.

As you will see later, we also break in susanna slowly, over six to eight weeks, until she has reached the required standard in the performance of her duties, and has learned to be always obedient and submissive. And reached the waist size I require.

I remind susanna that she disobeyed my instructions and that I must therefore punish her. I instruct the still blushing girl to lay across my lap, legs apart, fingertips and toes just touching the floor. So, you'll be wise to remember, if you are late again, or misbehave in any other way, you will be punished. As this is your first punishment, I am going to give you a hand spanking. You see, sweetie, the direct flesh-to-flesh contact of a hand spanking will quickly establish a very special, very personal bond between us.

A bond of domination and submission, discipline and obedience. This is what you crave and what you need. Are we agreed, susanna? Or the riding crop or maybe the whip. They each have their uses susanna, and special techniques for inflicting pain, without of course, injuring you. After I finish punishing you, you will thank me for punishing you, apologise for your misconduct and promise to obey me.

Now, sweetie, arch your back and thrust your bottom towards me. Each stroke is harder than the one before it. By four or five strokes, susanna is squealing and squirming. Her short, sharp breaths, punctuated by "aaaaaahs! By now, she is writhing and gasping and moaning.

I pause before the last three strokes. Just three more strokes and it will all be over. My aim is to arouse her to within an inch of orgasm, both to soften the pain how kind I am!

This is to make her more responsive, easier to train and more amenable to the prospect of being rewarded for her obedience. I quickly pull the trembling girl to her feet and embrace her close to me.

Hitch up your panties, and thank me for teaching you an important lesson. And then thank Mistress Ingrid for stroking your hair. Or as Mistress Ingrid instructs you. And thank you Mistress Ingrid for stroking my hair. I know Sir that I fully deserved my punishment, I apologize for disobeying you and I promise in future always to do as I am told. Ingrid slips out of the room. I continue: "Now sweetie pie, go and stand at the foot of the bed. I now place a blindfold around her eyes.

Following my instructions, she licks me all the way up to my thighs. Panting and heaving, she raises her head, an angelic smile on her face as she thrusts out her breasts towards me.

Please Sir, please keep punishing me. My cock is rock solid now and I'm starting to cum. I'm cumming,. My juices spurt all over her face and into her mouth. She wipes her face with her fingers, licks them clean and looks at me with that shy little smile again.

I pull her towards me, kissing her lips hard and holding her tight for several minutes. Her ordeal behind her, it's time for susanna to get some rest and relaxation. And after that, her next training session will be home alone with Ingrid.

In a few moments Mistress Ingrid is going to take you to her home, for you to get some rest and relaxation. After that, Mistress Ingrid will return here with you to show me all you have learned from her.

While you are in Mistress Ingrid's care, you must always be on your best behavior, and do exactly as Mistress Ingrid instructs you. If you are rebellious or disobedient, Mistress Ingrid will punish you. Don't keep Ingrid waiting. Still hurting? It's not overlooked, and the enclosed courtyard garden gives complete privacy. Ingrid throws off her shoes, falls into an armchair and waves towards the drinks tray.

Ice is in the fridge around the corner. Ingrid pats the sofa. Without a word passing between them, Ingrid begins stroking susanna's hair and her tongue thrusts apart susanna's lips and explores within her mouth.

As susanna's hips start swaying and her breathing grows stronger, Ingrid pulls away. It's time for the next stage she has planned for this occasion. Follow me please. The expansive room resembles James' training room, though with a distinctly feminine touch, with pink lacy frills and a dressing table in place of the desk in James' room. There, that's better, you can do the rest by yourself.

When you've finished undressing, stand to attention in front of the dressing table, facing the door. Outside the door, she throws off her street clothes and stands before the mirror in black-and-red designer bra and g-string, and long black stockings.

She slips into her negligee, then stoops and pulls on the immaculate stilettos reserved for bedroom pleasures. Re-entering the boudoir, Ingrid glides across the carpet towards the naked susanna, who quickly jumps to attention. On the carpet, here. Good girl. Her eager lips suck on the heel and her tongue lick all around the shaft.

After only a few minutes, Ingrid looks down at her and smiles sweetly. It's time for your massage. Make yourself comfortable. If you need more, just let me know. She throws off her negligee, hops onto the bed and straddles susanna, sitting astride the small of her back. Turning to the tray on the bedside table, Ingrid dips her fingers into a bowl of warm, surgical quality olive oil laced with a few drops of Arpege. Or maybe Chanel. An expensive, seductive perfume anyway.

Just a touch of red here and there. You are so kind. Thank you Mistress. Close your eyes. Stay relaxed sweetie. Or would you like me to stop? I mean, yes it feels. And after that we both left school and starting going out with boys. Can I say something else please Mistress? Did she touch your fanny like this? Now, who would have thought such an innocent looking girl would do a thing like that!

Now, get down from here and feel your way around to the foot of the bed. Now stand facing towards me. She takes off her bra and g-string, slips her negligee back on, then sits back against the pillows in stockings and stilettos.

Lick my shoes again like you did before. This time, keep going and lick me all the way up the insides of my legs. Nice and slow. Using the fingers of both hands, Ingrid separate her outer labia. Slowly back and forth. Gently sweetie. Until tomorrow of course, and your first training session with me. And now she rolls susanna onto her back, removes the pillows and sits astride her thighs. Yes Mistress Ingrid, I would, I would.

Now, use your fingers to separate your labia. She arches her back, her whole body quivers. She flicks tongue around it then sucks it and licks it. And finally, as the sounds subside, into a long, deep, contented sigh. Ingrid now pulls herself up and over the limp susanna, whose eyes are closed and head rolled back. As Ingrid lowers her body, susanna opens her eyes and looks up to see Ingrid smiling down at her. The two women exchange long, soft smiles, then Ingrid gives susanna a long, wet kiss.

I feel really wonderful, thank you so much, Mistress. And I shall do my best to do exactly the same as you just taught me to do, Mistress. Ingrid bends her knees and lets her legs fall apart. Start from where I taught you, sweetie. That would seem evident, as Ingrid starts to writhe and moan and thrust out her glistening labia, and arch her back and cry out loud.

And now Ingrid cums, repeatedly, three or four times or more in slow succession. After a pause, the two women kiss and hug for awhile. As the car turns onto the three-lane highway, Ingrid calls back to susanna.

Now, remove the contents and lay them out beside you. And then undress and place your clothes in the suitcase.

The car stops. Ingrid watches susanna in the rear-view mirror, as the flustered girl hastily pulls on the flimsy, translucent blouse on the seat beside her. The lights turn green and the car moves off. I didn't tell you to put on the blouse, did I? And, of course, the flimsy blouse, that scarcely conceals her lacy under-wire half-cup bra that embraces her. Ingrid parks the car around the corner from the club, and susanna moves to the front passenger seat. I suppose so, Mistress.


I always wanted a slimmer waist When it comes to trying to achieve a certain body type, I can honestly say I've tried tons of weight loss products.

It didn't take too long to find other women to support me in my pursuit of external happiness. We all felt shame about our too-thick thighs when thinner thighs were in vogue.

Or too small in the butt department, when being flat in the back was no longer in style. If you haven't heard of waist training, it's when a woman wears a corset around her waist for a period of time during the day. Of course, there are some uncomfortable side effects. But as you ease into the process, your body adjusts and it just feels snug. What's amazing about using a corset to shrink your midsection is how fast they work.

In a matter of a week or two, a woman can reduce her waistline inches. If used for a period of several months, a woman can have the waist she's always wanted. I got the attacks almost always after I had worn my corset. So, I stopped using it. I asked him if there was any chance that the waist training garment I had been using could have caused my problems? Due to their restrictive nature around the midsection of the body, corsets put pressure on vital organs and can even strangle them leading up to permanent body damage when worn for extended periods of time.

Experts say spot training does not produce lasting weight-loss results. If you want to have a small waist, then you have to put in the work. Especially if you want to lose weight. If your body refuses to be pushed past a certain plateau, chances are you are where you need to be. Waist training corsets might be pretty, but they aren't worth the potential kidney damage.

But, as the corset helps you slim down your waist, it is also putting pressure on your stomach and kidneys. You get less oxygen when you wear a corset. The whole point of looking and feeling better about your body is to have a sense of confidence and freedom in your skin.

When you wear them, pressure is placed on your other vital organs, your lungs feel the pinch, too. Even if you wear the garment for a short period of time, the only way to have any lasting effects is to put it back on.

From now on, I'm sticking to a healthy diet and exercise along with a healthy dose of self-acceptance I'm okay, no matter what society says my body is supposed to be. Sign in. Photo: Getty Images. Aria Gmitter. Self March 7, Click to view 10 images. Read Later.