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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Harry Potter has had a rough life. One he didn't deserve, but it has made him who he is.

Ginny hermione lesbian

Ginny hermione lesbian

Ginny hermione lesbian

Ginny hermione lesbian

Hermione took lesbuan sip of Ginny hermione lesbian drink and looked around. Thank you! As it came to a close, Ginny sat back and looked at her handiwork, licking her lips and fingers seductively. I loved it…thank you. Small red panties were all that Hermione wore and she did the same to Ginny. None of the others followed. In maths, lesbiqn friend of mine slipped me a note with the website where I could get the good stuff.

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I just The Smutty Slumber Party Part lesvian For the first time in her life Lebian Granger was going to be a part of the girls group, though she showed that she was lesbia interested, secretly she always wanted a bunch of female friends to call and have sleep-overs with and to discuss boys with and today she had received an invitation from Ginny Weasley to attend a super secret very happening all girls slumber party, girls from all houses were going to Ginny hermione lesbian there and it was to be held in the Room of Requirement, when she had asked Ginny if something like this had been done before Ginny just giggled enigmatically and told Hermione that she would enjoy herself. No self-respecting pure-blooded Slytherin deigned to converse with a know-it-all, mud-blooded Gryffindor. I'm going to have my say too. Hermione and Harry are Ginny hermione lesbian tentive relationships. If you actually tried to get to know Ginny hermione lesbian, you'd see he's a great guy. Harry Potter Hogwarts Prison gays Episode 5. Harry whirled around at the sound and saw that the pale-haired boy from Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour and this morning was standing behind him, leaning against the doorway behind Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Those witches and wizards included Ginny's family. Hermione was surprised to see that Luna had apparently been trying not to cry; her eyes looked puffy red and shiny with unshed tears. He really is a pleasant boy. She realized she was staring when he glanced over at her, and she was just standing at the edge of the table. After several minutes and quiet coaxes from Ginny and occasionally Hermione, though, the blonde lifted her head. Hermione decided to end the Ginny hermione lesbian silence before it stretched out past the point of no return. There's no one in my family or circle of friends that I thought I could talk to about it, and anyway, I kind of knew it was a forbidden subject.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

  • While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.
  • Warning: This story contains lesbian themes and sex, anyone uncomfortable with the content is advised no to read it.
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I dabbled in fan fiction between books, but while my sister could go all in on, say, Harry and Draco, I could only ever make myself read or write strictly canonical pairings inside J. I had actually never even read a non-canon Harry Potter story until six days ago! Hermione and Luna: It just makes so much sense! She made a habit of sitting out on a promontory near the cottage, feeling the sea air whip through her hair. Sometimes Luna came out and sat with her.

She never started conversation, but sometimes she sang, Cornish songs she said her mother had taught her when she was little. They sat in silence for a while. The sun was beginning to set, lowering over the ocean; the waves broke salty against the promontory. She stood, stretched her arms out behind her, and walked over to Luna. None of the others followed. Luna turned her head slowly, fixed her eyes on Hermione, and looked at her for a long moment in silence.

Across the room, Parvati giggled. Otherwise, it was quiet until Luna wrinkled her nose and made a distinctly non-human sound. It was something less than a roar, but more than a meow, and whatever it was, seemed to ask a question. Hermione jumped just a little, and since she was already crouching, went sprawling on her back on the stone floor. It was her sophomore year at University and Hermione had been in the library studying Ancient Runes when Luna Lovegood first approached her.

One moment she was reading page 1, of her textbook with the utmost interest and the next she heard a soft sigh and felt the warm exhale of breath on her neck and her name murmured softly. Honestly, it was things like this that made her dislike dealing with Luna. Those odd moments of utter and frank honesty the blonde had never applied to Hermione. Instead she got nothing but mysterious phrasings and ridiculous theories.

And now, apparently, hair sniffing. For the first time since their odd conversation began, Hermione focused on the pile of books in front of Luna. They were various magical medical texts and Hermione frowned ever so slightly, looking at the girl with a bit of disbelief. Simply put, the Student Healer program was perhaps the most difficult to enter in the University, it had the smallest number of openings, and the heads of the program were a bit pompous in their need to keep it considered the best in the wizarding world.

For some time they had tried to recruit Hermione but she refused, finding far more interest in the subject of Ancient Runes. Though, now that she thought about it, Luna had been in Ravenclaw at Hogwarts. Intelligence mattered most there. But Ginny had seen her already. It would be childish to hide, and Hermione was definitely not a child, so she stuck out her chin and dared Ginny to make something of it.

Hermione tried to appear casual, but she was painfully conscious that she must look and smell like someone who had just spent several hours getting hot and sweaty and exchanging bodily fluids under a duvet. This was not one of her more dignified moments. The smile broadened. Not before time — I thought he was going to die of frustration. See you later. Hermione faces you and you snap your mouth closed. She cocks an eyebrow curiously, but decides to let your painfully obvious gawking go.

Ron said that? You think this is a fantastic start. You finally yawn and stretch. Ginny opened the door of the private suite as quietly as she could muster. Given that she wanted to nothing more than to fling it open and rush into the room, this was a feat of willpower on her part. Her hand trembled on the doorknob, not knowing what she would find in the room beyond. She never expected to see Hermione so vulnerable. The Hermione she remembered, the young woman who had been her best friend, had been so strong, so…so…alive.

What are you doing here? He stood to give her a hug, but his expression was pinched with worry. Her eyes were drawn once more to Hermione and confusion roiled her insides. Parvati and Padma remained silent on the boat ride up to the castle. They remained silent as they walked up a rock passageway and were handed off to a fierce witch in green robes.

They remained silent as the witch took them to a room and explained all about the houses. They remained silent as other students broke into worried whispers about how they were going to be sorted. But Parvati wanted to break the silence. A few screams sounded from behind them, and Parvati was interrupted by the arrival of some ghosts gliding into the room. She scoffed to herself. It figured. She was going to try to introduce herself again but then the witch had returned and told them to get in a line.

Ginny plopped down next to Hermione and fiddled with a blade of grass for a few moments, tugging it this way and that before finally plucking it out of the soil altogether. Without looking up from the green stems, she spoke. Ginny frowned and pulled up half a dozen more blades of grass before responding. I just — it might look nice. I can teach you how to use them. Hermione gave a half-shrug. Hermione, with nothing to say in response, simply sat in silence. The younger girl almost shrugged it off, but then just sighed and let it sit there.

Heather Hogan is an Autostraddle managing editor who lives in New York City with her partner, Stacy, and their cackle of rescued pets. You can also find her on Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram. You need to login in order to like this post: click here. Even just reading some of these summaries and excerpts squicks me out.

And imagining the characters of books you read as a kid having sex!? I dunno why, but it just feels gross, somehow. I was the same! Lesbian Tonks you say? You mean something like this?

Yeah, I have the same problem. And speaking of hetero ships, I actually kind of have a thing for Hermione and Viktor Krum. Actually, all the characters falling for each other was the part I considered the worst, in terms of writing. Everything else felt so well rounded, and then the romance, to twelve year old me, felt like Rowling was doing what she thought readers wanted, not what the characters would actually do.

Looking back, I stand by my childhood assesment, and still think the romances seem forced and out of charcter, especially in the epilogue. I am so happy! What a tiny gay I was back then. Also Lavender and Parvati were totally a couple, Tonks was definitely queer and Ginny would have absolutely made all the Quidditch players swoon with an alternative lifestyle haircut.

Crazy Little Things is my absolute fav! I just love Luna in general; she and Hermione together are such a funny contrast. So… speaking of fanfic about giant money -juggernaut YA universes… if you run out of things to collect for Fanfiction Friday, despite the awfulness of the books, there is actually some not-terrible Twilight femslash. Seconding Bechloe so hard. I guess Ginny is like a cooler, female version of Ron. Well I fell down this rabbit hole for a whole Saturday afternoon-evening when I was meant to be doing other things….

And I am so glad I did. Lordy, Lordy. I was just about to rec this fic. I love it. I know I know. For some reason the hetero stuff still weirds me out a little bit? Also I would rather not read anything involving Bellatrix. But this particular list is awesome!

Oh how this brings me back to my early days of fanfic reading! Dreamy Redhead ftw. They just get each other. Not very clear if this is in bad taste but this is a piece that I have put together that fits into this.

That always works when masturbating, with me. The younger ones went up to their rooms a bit later; Dreamland could wait until they'd had lengthy conversations about whatever they felt was in need of discussion. We're not in some type of class, here. Your review has been posted. All the girls stopped what they were doing and looked up, grinning at Hermione tear-stained face and let out a loud roar, "Don't worry kitten. Finally, after ages of alternating light bickering and heavy arguing, Ginny butted in to their conversation. I mean, there aren't any specific laws against it

Ginny hermione lesbian

Ginny hermione lesbian

Ginny hermione lesbian.

After spending far too long searching, Hermione finally gets herself invited to the Silver Society, a secret party where students from all four houses get up to things the staff wouldn't approve of. The only downside: A spot of bad luck sees her going in as a servant for everyone else's needs.

Harry whirled around at the sound and saw that the pale-haired boy from Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour and this morning was standing behind him, leaning against the doorway behind Harry, Ron, and Hermione. His mercury silver eyes darted between all three before his eyes stuck on Harry, his plush and pink lips coming to a smile. Was it a smile? Harry had no idea; he was mainly surprised that someone so beautiful was even this close to him and his friends.

The closeness of the beautiful man made Harry back up closer to the wall, his back gently hitting the stone wall. He leaned his head in closer. Harry noticed how the pale turquoise of his Beauxbatons uniform really brought out his eyes. They were pale, pale silver, like a liquidated moon, mercury running over pale blue silk. They reflected his own toad green eyes, like muddy dirt compared to unicorn's hair.

He was so mesmerized by the color of his eyes that he almost missed his comment. During her fifth year at Hogwarts, Hermione has a lot going on. There's weekly meetings for S. Among all of that pressure, she's falling for two of her closest friends simultaneously. She's a witch ahead of her time, and she's going to save the world.

Eventual triad with Ginny, Hermione, and Luna. Archive warnings may change if the story ends up becoming a little more descriptive ; There is definitely some swearing that happens here too. Ginny tells her partners about a certain liking of hers and is not disappointed by their reactions.

Well this is basically a story of how Harry lives. His work life and his home life. Him, his wife Ginny. Their toy Luna and the others who they take pleasure in. In which Harry James Potter is something, the Lestrange brothers are something similar but not the same, and Albus Dumbledore has made a terrible, terrible mistake.

So canonically, Ron is quite tall. I'm abusing this piece of information. Be prepared for some ridiculous stuff. Ron and Draco are roommates. They go to the same college and have to learn to live with each other.

They dislike each other and see as little of each other as possible, but it would be impossible to avoid each other completely. Luckily for Ron he finds his solace in his two best friends and someone else he considers more than a friend. This was a prompt but putting the prompt here would spoil it if you hadn't already read it, so I won't.

It's probably easy to guess tho Luna Lovegood is known for being weird. Here tells the story of her sexual escapades, from starting out alone to getting half the school involved.

James and Lily Potter have been in a coma for the last fourteen years, it takes the last shred of remorse and kindness of Peter Pettigrew to wake them up. Their three children have grown, now into their teens they've missed a lot. But there are bigger fish to fry when the old ghosts don't stay dead. Ginny was running around the castle searching for Luna, praying to whatever god there might be, that she was okay.

She quietly excused herself and walked as fast as she could over to her old classmate. She could feel her heart pounding in her ears when Luna turned to look at her and she got the full blast of her beauty. The blonde smiled at her. Very few people know this story; even fewer dare to tell it. This is the story of the Dark Lady Ginevra. This is the story of how she became the monster she is today. Her eyes were fiery red.

Ginny had only noticed now, as she walked across her line of vision, heading to a different lesson than Ginny would soon be. Ginny wondered how a person could be born with such vibrant eyes. Detective Constable Ginny Weasley has been assigned a very peculiar case: a man by the name of Xenophilius Lovegood has gone missing, and his daughter is convinced that the disappearance has to do with a gang called the Death Eaters.

The Death Eaters have been a long time myth, and there are no record of them anywhere. Ginny goes on a wild chase through love letters to his dead wife, combing through evidence he's collected, and falling in love with his free spirited daughter. Ginny just hopes she can find Xenophilius, wherever he is, before it's too late. Harry hadn't set out that day thinking, I know, today I want to dress up in a pizza outfit, get absolutely smashed beyond compare, crash my broom in the middle of the muggle motorway and then fall off of the Westminster bridge into the River Thames, and end up in hospital with Malfoy as my healer, but what else could you expect would happen on your best mate's stag?

And then you only fell because you walked over! Ginny Weasley was happy with her lot in life, generally speaking. And then, of course, she crashed into Cho Chang on the Quidditch pitch. Harry finally decides to do something about Ron's mental health, with the help from a few of their friends. Harry emerges from isolation at the end of summer after the Battle of Hogwarts and decides that he will postpone Auror training to complete his 8th year.

A prophecy foretells another infant chosen one. An old house burns. And a boy who has betrayed everyone tells Harry this;. In true Gryffindor form, you are determined to keep making the same mistakes over again for the rest of your life. But you don't have to. In fact, I won't let you. Ginny Weasley is the newest addition to the Holyhead Harpies, excited to accompany the team for the Quidditch World Cup.

Hermione Granger/Luna Lovegood/Ginny Weasley - Works | Archive of Our Own

She absentmindedly picked up her night clothes and entered the shower block that the fifth years and up shared. Two rows of cubicles ran up both sides, and Hermione pushed open the one nearest to her. She was half way inside before she noticed the cubical was occupied. It took her another second to realize that the naked person in front of her was none other then her best friend Ginny. Her red hair filled with shampoo, made a great contrast to her pale body. She's so tall, and sexy, and that skin, it's so smooth, it makes me just want to… Hermione thought to herself as she had a sudden urge to kiss her body, and run her hands up that soft pale skin.

She mentally shook her self, and quickly stumbled out of the door, and scurried into the next shower cubical along.

Hermione seemed relieved at the change of topic, "Oh Ron and Harry got the pronunciation of the spell completely wrong in charms today, I spent hours trying to correct their mistake, and we got a roll and a half of Defence against the Dark arts homework from Snape and…Ginny! What are you doing? Ginny hugged back and the two of them stood there until Hermione realized what she was doing.

She could feel herself going red again as she felt Ginny's huge chest pressed against her own. Hermione's just stood there, thousand of feeling rushing through her mind at once. She felt the urge to run away, but her feet were glued to the ground. She felt her eyes drawn to Ginny's body. She had grown since they had last shared a room at the burrow, she was now almost as tall as Hermione, and had huge tits.

Her large pink nipples were standing to attention, and Hermione couldn't help but shiver in excitement as she drank in her friends beautiful body, and the line of Ginger hair running up the centre of her clit. Ginny was regarding Hermione's body with the same intense longing, and although she had just been in the shower, Hermione could easily tell Ginny was wet, and most probably aroused.

She felt some response between her own legs, and blushed an even brighter red, this was so embarrassing. Hermione had never considered being a lesbian. Now she thought about it though, was it really love she felt for him, or just very strong friendship like a sister would feel towards a brother.

As she thought about if she loved Ron, she felt almost repulsed by the thought of kissing him. Hermione took a nervous step forward, and gave a slight nod to Ginny, who grinned, and jumped on Hermione, kissing her on the lips, and wrapping her legs around the back of the elder girl. The two girls ran down the spiral stairs, and paused at the bottom, looking into the common room. They ran down the corridor, giggling uncontrollably. She and Hermione madly ran around the room, turning on all of the taps, so within minutes that thousands of multicoloured jets of water had filled up the pool.

Hermione nervously walked over to where Ginny was sitting on the edge with her feet dangling in the water. Hermione positioned herself behind the red head, and rested her hands on Ginny's. Ginny grinned up at Hermione, and moved her hands away, leaving Hermione with free access.

Hermione uncertainly pinching each nipple with her thumb and forefinger, rolling Ginny's erect nipples between her thumb finger. She rose up out of the layer of foam spluttering, and swam over to where Ginny was sitting, once she had recovered. She noticed the close attention the other girl was paying her, and cupped some water in her hands, raising them, and letting the water slowly fall down, channelling itself around the curves of her body.

She groaned as Hermione repeated the motion, and looked down to see her womanhood stir between her shapely legs. Hermione smiled, and moved towards Ginny, who was still sitting on the side. Hermione looked down at the space between Ginny's legs. Ginny's had said head, hadn't she. Hermione felt the heat that was radiating from her best friend, as she leaned forward and gave her a gently kiss. Ginny groaned in frustration as the skin contact caused her to body to spasm. Hermione pushed her tongue forward, forcing it between her lips.

Hermione grinned, which was a difficult feat when her tongue was still inside the other girl. It wasn't that bad. Hermione pulled it out, and flicked it across her opening causing Ginny to squirm with pleasure.

She could feel Ginny's movements get more and more intense and pulled away ignoring her angry moans, and resumed stroking her breasts, her head resting on Ginny's clit. Hermione moved her hands slowly down Ginny's body, and slowly inserted one finger in. Ginny stiffened at the new pleasure, and cried out Hermione's name. She steadily built up a rhythm, and added another finger. Hermione loved this new feeling of power, and lust, and moved her hand in and out faster and faster, until Ginny finally let out a scream, and arched her back.

Hermione watched in fascination as a small stream of juices gently tricked out of her, and ran down her legs. Hermione smiled at the panting girl and bent her head over her bright red and puffed up clit, gently licking the juices.

The taste wasn't too bad which surprised Hermione, and she continued, running her tongue up her legs and lapping up Ginny's juices, eliciting a shiver of delight from Ginny. She slipped into the pool after Hermione was satisfied she was completely clean.

She slowly swam to the shallow end of the pool and climbed out. She walked to a cupboard Hermione hadn't noticed before. When she straightened up again in her hand was a purple dildo. Anyway, lie on the floor, legs apart" Ginny instructed. Hermione trembled with anticipation as Ginny lowered herself onto her, sitting on her legs gently caressing her breasts.

Ginny lowered her mouth, and kissed Hermione, rubbing her tongue around the inside of her mouth. Hermione kissed back, realizing this was the first girl she'd kissed, excluding her mother. Ginny reached over to where Hermione's wand was lying discarded on the floor, and cast a partial body binding spell on her, forcing her arms and legs to the ground, but allowing her to move everything else.

Although Ginny was quite proud of how large her own were, they were nothing compared to Hermione's, who Ginny suspected might not be able to buy bras in certain shops.

Just as Hermione was relaxing under her gentle touch, Ginny thrust the Dildo into her, causing her to cry out pain as the solid object was forced into her. Her back arched, as she strained against the spell holding her to the floor. Ginny pulled it out, and gave Hermione an evil grin. This time Hermione was ready for it, and cried out ecstatically, the pleasure of being filled so completely driving her crazy. Ginny continued to pump the dildo.

Ginny obliged, frantically pumping the girl for all she was worth. Hermione was writhing on the ground as Ginny found and continually hit her G-spot over and over again. Finally she couldn't take it, and burst out "I'm cumming Ginny! Hermione yelled out again, juices spraying from the tiny gaps between the dido and her lips, but Ginny carried riding Hermione through the orgasm.

Wave upon wave of pleasure coursed through her body and she felt another orgasm rip through her body. Her breasts were bouncing wildly as her body flailed wildly in all directions, straining on the spell that held her to the ground. Only after nearly five minutes of constant pumping did Ginny finally let up. She gave Hermione one last thrust, and pulled the dildo out.

It was like the flood gates burst open, and Hermione's warm juices gushed out. Hermione just moaned in response, and Ginny fumbled for the wand, and released her from the spell.

Ginny turned around until she was facing away from Hermione, and lay on top of her, hovering her mouth over Hermione's clit, and frantically licking up the syrup like liquid from her best friend. Hermione's lips were red and swollen after the treatment Ginny had given them, and liquid was still slowly seeping out of her. Ginny attacked the trails of juices that ran down her legs, and around her clit. Ginny thought Hermione was still too exhausted to respond, and continued, but she felt her own legs being parted, and she felt the whole length of the dildo shoved up her vagina.

She screamed, and arched her back wildly. Ginny frantically started lapping up what was left of Hermione's juices again, then sucking on her clit, as she was pronged again and again with the dildo. Hermione growled as Ginny paused to take a deep breath, before slowly working her way into Hermione with her tongue.

Hermione, although not much older, had a mass of wiry hair covering her clit, compared to Ginny's strip of ginger pubic hair, covering her private area. Hermione's hair was slicked back with her juices, and Ginny tenderly ran her tongue alone it forcefully, causing the other girl to squirm but not lessen her pace.

Ginny came first, the orgasm causing her to gasp loudly, as she felt Hermione continue, the build up of juices causing pleasure she had never felt before. However she continued to insert her tongue into Hermione. She felt something stir within her, and quickened her pace. Suddenly she felt a drop of liquid on her face, as Hermione experienced yet another orgasm.

Ginny felt her second orgasm travel through her and she barely register the rest of Hermione's load drip onto her face as her own orgasm sent her to the brink of insanity. Both girls collapsed in a sweaty mess, their juices slowly running over and off their intertwined bodies. Ginny nodded in agreement, and for the next couple of minutes they slowly and tenderly licked the juices they had produce off each other, and then lay down next to each other on the cool surface holding hands tightly.

I loved it…thank you. Ginny rolled over to face Hermione, giving her an evil grin. I've only just begun.

This is my first story, so please tell me what you think of it. This chapter has been edited, and messed around with due to some reviews, and to make it better. Hope it's improved and more believable. I changed the ending when I uploaded this, because I was afraid some of you might kill me, and it wouldn't fit that well. Plus I've read some story's where the ending totally ruins it, but here is the original anyway:.

She stopped as someone from the other-side of the room spoke.

Ginny hermione lesbian

Ginny hermione lesbian

Ginny hermione lesbian