Ab swing and infomercial-

You actually sit in the machine and then swing side to side, using momentum to carry you through the range of motion. I have to confess, it never ceases to amaze me at how purveyors of infomercial exercise gimmicks keep coming up with new ways to repackage the same old crap. Even more disconcerting is that they use the EXACT same marketing tactics over and over again…and people still fall for it hook line and sinker. I have transcribed the audio portion of the Ab Wave sales video which can be found at the end of this article Click here for transcript. Just sit and get fit!

Ab swing and infomercial

Ab Wave pitch man: Warning! U use ur abs i dont know what you are on about in your article. I cant do it that often. Abwaver did not work for me. Gym Equipments.

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So as an example, a pound 70 kg person doing a 4 MET activity would expend about calories per hour. I've used the product almost every day for 10 days or so. This can be a serious issue forcing motion at spinal segments above and below the curve. Carl edwards sucks Francis at San Diego State University used EMG and found that, of all the machines on the market at that time, bicycle crunches which in spite of the name requires no machine Ab swing and infomercial more effective than using any external pieces of equipment. Ab swing and infomercial this helps. Total Gym Home Gym. According to advertisements, it combines cardiovascular and abdominal exercise to target the abdominal, oblique, hip, and thigh muscles and help you lose belly fat. I did not see any medical disclaimer on the main ACP website, but did find one on the online Problem teen needs help site at the very bottom in tiny print:. The company has responded infomerdial some occasions by saying a comfort insert is available. Delivery not Ab swing and infomercial. You will receive free publicity, and have your articles read by tens of thousands of BB4U readers! In your cart, save the other item s infomercual later in order to get NextDay delivery. Average rating: 1 out of 5 stars, based on reviews. This is an important point because I believe it gives consumers the impression that three minutes a day on the exercise machine will deliver these great results.

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  • This is a re-release of my original Ab Circle Pro article which I published in on a different website.
  • It is a fun and easy to use trainer.
  • Ab swing.
  • You've seen the infomercial hosted by actress Hunter Tylo and Dean Tornabene.
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View Complete Details. Get Latest Price. The Total Core abdominal exerciser is the amazing fitness machine that provides you with a complete degree total core workout.

You'll workout your front core, upper and lower ABS, side obliques, lower back, and back of your core, all at the same time with the Total Core Exerciser. Total Core does this in a single simple continuous motion, all while you maintain a comfortable seated position. Total is a precision manufactured from high quality material and designed to last a lifetime.

And TotalCore is lightweight, compact and comfortable. Excellent quality and recommended. A simple, stylish exercise machine for toning your ab and also used for light, medium weight exercise at home. Made of Solid frame body along with thick padded neck support. This Ab Slimmer can be adapted to any number of distinct muscle movement exercises. The adjustable ab slimmer allows you to carry a wide range of exercises, working almost on almost all the core muscle groups.

It allows you to carry out series of resistance training on your body. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Quality Download Brochure. Send Email. There are a few key exercises that you should include in your workouts. However, as we all know, the most important thing to do if you want to get ripped abs is to attain a low body fat percentage; if too much body fat is covering your ab muscles, no definition will show.

After you've figured out a solid weight training workout and nutritional approach for lowering your body fat, your next step will be to add the following exercises for maximum ab definition.

These exercises which will tighten the actual muscle fibres, ensure that they take an attractive shape and help to reach maximum ab definition. If you can perform the following ab circuit two to three times a week either after your other weight lifting exercises or on the off days, you'll be well on your way to improving the looks and strength of your core.

Remember: To really zero in on the ab muscles that you're working, think about and feel the contraction take place. Aim to maintain about 30 seconds of rest between sets, completing two to three sets of each of these exercises for maximum ab definition. For more information Contact Now.

The Ab Swing provides an effective means of exercising your abdominal muscles. You can perform a variety of ab exercises on the Ab Swing, including those that work your upper abs, lower abs and obliques. Your obliques are your side ab muscles. Get Best Quote. Features: 1 A rolled steel frame 2 Foot pedals adjust to match your height 3 A fuller range of motion to elicit the abdominal muscles 4 Adjustable the gradient to make yourself comfortable 5 Unique designed, quickly folds and stores easily 6 Materials: Steel, PU, fabric 7 Dimensions x Ab Circle Get Latest Price.

The Ab Circle Pro gets you off the ground and targets your entire core for a firmer, flatter stomach. Fun and easy to use, this exercise machine is like a treadmill for your abs. As Seen On TV. Ab Circle Pro Machine, As Seen on TV: New bonus gel knee inserts - not included in the infomercial version; this exercise machine includes gel kneepads to provide extra cushioning during your workout The Ab Circle Pro works out your upper, middle and lower abs and obliques - your entire core - in one simple fat-burning motion Get a firmer, flatter stomach without sit-ups and crunches Three levels of fitness so it's perfect for any fitness level.

Strengthens Thigh And Leg Muscles. Types Of Exercises Can be performed: 1. Standard Crunch. Reverse Crunch. Combination Move. Advance Crunch. Oblique With Cross Arm. Total Abdominal-Bicycle Style. Ab Care Get Latest Price. AB care Description: The Ab care offered by us assures quick action with the regular usage.

The results can be met within days and not months. The Ab care helps loosing weight without going for a diet or other medical prescriptions. Explore more categories. View complete range. Save time! Get Best Deal. Related Product from Top Suppliers. Call Belly Health Physiotherapy Machine Rs 1. Growon Medical Technology. Related Categories. Fitness Equipment. Exercise Equipments. Slimming Equipment. Gym Equipments.

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The coasters that make the machine roll melted. Can this be folded to go under bed? How many subjects? Court, September 30, This ideal natural position provides an expanded full range of motion for your ab exercises. See our disclaimer.

Ab swing and infomercial

Ab swing and infomercial

Ab swing and infomercial. Ab Swing Review

So I started focusing on making myself happy. And I tried so many workouts and diets but nothing stuck.

Or it was too hard on my knees I have a bad knee. I wear a sweat suit and I do the ap circle pro for 1 hr every day since I got it. I've dropped 6 lbs. And I've had only about 10 days. I drinks lots of water daily. I eat better. And I follow the an circle pro book diet plan. My sides feel it. My and my arms. I'm very happy with the product. I plan to lose weight and start yoga. And continue with yoga throughout my life to stay fit.

I love this machine,It won't end up in the exercise machine graveyard on it's way out the door with other exercise machines I've bought. When I'm finished exercising,I slide it under my bed. This order arrived 3 days earlier than originally stated. I easily opened and assembled the machine in about 15 minutes.

After using the equipment I can honestly say I am really working my core, unlike any other excercise. I recommend buying this item from Jet. This is for anyone looking to strengthen their core, and wants to do so while being elevated off the ground. I first found a Ab Circle Pro at a local gym while I was traveling. I loved how easy it was to use and even a little fun. I knew it had been used by others over time and thought a new one would be great for at home.

The cost was affordable and returning even better if I didn't like it. I go to the gym everyday and when I come home I jump on it and continue my workout while watching the TV. I have seen more changes in my body from this one machine than the whole gym together. In a short time I have lost 2 dress sizes and now I just keep in shape with it. Worth the money I spent. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason.

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Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. Specifications Brand Ab Circle. Customer Reviews. Average rating: 4 out of 5 stars, based on reviews ratings. See all reviews. Write a review. Most helpful positive review. Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, based on reviews. See more. Most helpful negative review. Average rating: 1 out of 5 stars, based on reviews. The coasters that make the machine roll melted. This has created a groove in the coasters which make it almost impossible to move it up the disc.

The coaster does not roll. I only used it three times. I am taking it back. I called ab circle pro and they could care less. Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews. Mlwang, October 28, Walmart associate. Court, September 30, Verified purchaser. Akira1, December 25, Slice H. Written by a customer while visiting jet. Kookie39, September 13, Ask a question.

Number of answers Most recent questions Most recent answers Sort by. Is this machine hard on your Knees? Answer this question. The product now comes with knee pads that are extremely comfortable on the outside of the knee, but I am not sure how the pads will effect your osteoarthritis. You will need to put extra padding in the knee cups--the ones provided are really thin.

The Ab Swing allows you to target your lower abs, upper abs, side oblique, while stretching your lower back. Bowflex Ultimate Home Gym. The Bowflex Ultimate 2 Home Gym is a total-body solution that delivers everything you could possibly imagine for great fitness results.

Click here for the BowFlex Ultimate 2. Bowflex Revolution Home Gym. The Bowflex Revolution home gym comes with over exercises with a built-in cardio rowing workout.

It includes preacher curl attachment, 5 position foot harness, hand grips, leg press plate, instructional manual, and much more. Click here for the Bowflex Revolution. Total Gym Home Gym. With Total Gym, you target all major fitness areas with just one workout: resistance training, cardio training and stretching.

Everything your body needs on just ONE machine. In just 10 weeks of Static Contraction training , trainees hardcore bodybuilders who had been lifting "heavy" for a long time and averaged 38years old achieved the following average gains: Sign up today to receive our low volume newsletter.

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You actually sit in the machine and then swing side to side, using momentum to carry you through the range of motion. I have to confess, it never ceases to amaze me at how purveyors of infomercial exercise gimmicks keep coming up with new ways to repackage the same old crap. Even more disconcerting is that they use the EXACT same marketing tactics over and over again…and people still fall for it hook line and sinker.

I have transcribed the audio portion of the Ab Wave sales video which can be found at the end of this article Click here for transcript. Just sit and get fit! Response: Ah yes, there it is, that pesky asterisk! Why do they always have to tack conditions onto those promised miracle results? Your results may vary. This is where consumers often confuse cause and effect vs. Results obtained from healthy eating and regular aerobic exercise cause and effect while doing the Ab Wave machine a few times per week might be erroneously attributed to the machine coincidence instead of your hard work.

In the grand scheme of things, you would fare better by saving your money and just opt for the healthy lifestyle instead. Also, because your body weight is supported by the machine i.

You just sit and wave to get fit, flat washboard abs like this showing ripped shirtless guy. Wave goodbye to stressful crunches that strain your neck. Wave goodbye to bulky machines that cost thousands. The Ab Wave eliminates every obstacle that kept you from getting in shape. Response: This is where they slap you with a litany of common sales objections and then provide you with a simple solution to a complex problem obesity. It gives no consideration to more practical and relevant activities such as walking or cycling which, if done on a regular basis, will contribute to fat loss around the mid-section.

Imagine losing inches while you watch TV! While exercise does not necessarily need to be impossibly difficult in order to get results, it does take long-term effort and commitment. Response: Wait, hold on! The Ab Circle Pro already staked its claim on this claim three years ago?

Response: Like most infomercial ab gadgets, this one will likely wind up in the dusty graveyard under your bed. However, to the best of my knowledge, this is a relatively new product and, based on my observations, does not yet appear to have the same sales and distribution infrastructure in place yet.

Much of the sales copy appears to be eerily similar to another questionable product, the Ab Circle Pro, and is based on the notion that losing weight is quick and easy. Ab Wave pitch man: Warning! Do NOT adjust your set! What if you could get off the floor and into a comfortable padded seat and wave goodbye to fat? Introducing the Ab Wave System!

And check this out — just release the knob and twist to blast away those obliques. Note: a disclaimer in microscopic print is displayed during the testimonial. This is completely illegible on the website because the video display is too small. Ab Wave pitch man: No more straining your back and neck. The ab wave gets you off the floor and into a comfortable padded seat.

Raise your legs for a more intense workout. Imagine losing inches while you watch TV. Best of all, it stores easily under your bed or in your closet. Gym memberships are expensive. If you can sit in a chair, you can ride the Ab Wave to the best shape of your life. Thank you so much for articles like these they really save us wasting money one can ill afford to loose…. Haha I watched this in the hospital at three in the morning or something…the ad repeated and repeated and repeated.

Thanks for your comment Rachel. Yes, it is pretty much carpet bombing at its finest. I just wish more people could see past this nonsense.

No need for gadgets and gimmicks. People that lose weight and keep it off simply make healthy lifestyle changes and stick with it for the long haul!

What about the slendertone abflex belt? There are lots of good reviews on this product however I am always skeptical. What do you think? However, the idea that you can just zap your way to leaner fitter you is a bit unrealistic and does not tell the whole tale. See my Slendertone review here and in the other highlighted links.

Notice they give you a free exercise and nutrition guide. Moral of the story, forget the slendertone belt and just do real exercise and eat less refined food. Hope this helps. I am just writing a piece on the exact same thing — can not believe these products — my favorite is they say — and no cardio — then then go on to say it combines abs and cardio….

Excellent comments to warn potential victims of these ridiculous exercise gimmicks. Fresh healthy food and regular exercise is the key. Unfortunately human nature is always trying to take the easy road. The only useful benefit of this product I see, is to get the body used to motion sickness if you are considering sailing the Pacific in a small yacht. Thanks for your comment Scott. Too right! Seriously, it never ceases to amaze me the creativity in creating hokey exercises to make people part with their money.

You a a bit of a hypocrite. People buying this have made the concious decision that they want to loose weght and want to do something about it. You are a doctor well you put PHD after your name so you should be able to remain impartial and offer encouragement to people that want to get up adn do something.

Hi Mr Kiwi, Thank you for taking time out to express your opinion. I think your comment may refer to the use of Google Adsense. You should know that this is something that is automatically provided by Google so there are times where a hokey ad may pop up. I am considering looking at other ways to help offset the cost of hosting etc.

On that note, while I am for people getting fit, for reasons mentioned in my blog post, I am not convinced the Ab Wave Pro is much more than hot air and hype. In my opinion, Bill you are one-sided. The machine may or may not give results, depending on how people choose to use it at home. Maybe it does or does not give a cardio workout. From past experience with this gimmick machines, with consistent use, it certainly contributed to a toned physique. Thank you I had just googled abwave and your site came up first.

Thank you I have just saved myself a heap of money and will just conTYinue on my stationery bicycle. Thanks for this wonderful informative material. Please continue to use your knowledge to enlighten the public.

I almost fell for the advert few mins ago. Is there really an easy way to loose belly fat? I just got up to the bathroom and saw this AD on the TV my husband was asleep in front of so watched it. This system looked as they do too good to be true. Of course it is. I bought this machine second hand a month ago for half the price.

I wouldnt have bought it new but as it was less than half the price i decided to. Thia machine works amazingly!! It comes with a dvd and u not only do the ab wave system by itself you can use resistance bands to work on other parts of your body.

The video also shows you other exercises to with with the use of the ab wave but not on it. It does work and i use it every night and morning while watching tv. Half an hour goes quick on it if you are watching tv. The meal plan they give you is ridiculous and noone would be able to survive on it haha i dont stick to their meal plan but just eat healthier than i used to. I still eat takeaway and icecream times a week and it still has affects.

Amazing machine once you have it but the ad makes it look like crap! Why not just keep up with your healthy eating habits and non-abwave exercises and save your money. Thanks for your comment. Because i already have the abwave and it works so im not wasting any money.

U use ur abs i dont know what you are on about in your article. Even though you are sitting down it activates them. Have you even used the machine?

Ab swing and infomercial